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Meet Imagine Studio Teaching Artist, Rachel Curry!


Artwork by © Rachel Curry

How did art come into your life?

Art came into my life naturally as it does to all children, but a family full of artists encouraged my creativity. 

What has being an artist meant to your life?

Being an artist has been my essential identity. When I feel lost, I turn to my art and follow my passion for creativity. 

What is it like to be a teaching artist for Center for the Arts Eagle Rock’s Imagine Studio?

Being a teaching artist for Center For the Arts Eagle Rock’s Imagine Studios has been a very rewarding experience. It is wonderful to see how excited the kids get about having an art class at there schools where funding for the arts is usually very limited or even nonexistent. I am so happy to be able to be a part of this non-profit which is serving a vital cause in schools throughout LAUSD. 

What have you observed about the children in the classes?

The children in the class are very enthusiastic. They are all there because they want to be, not because the have to be or because some one made them come. They are hungry for a creative outlet and there is a lot of positive energy in the class because of it. 

How have you been inspired by your students?

I have been inspired by my students because of there excitement to put medium to paper. They are so eager to create and it makes me want to make more art too!

What do you hope the students learn from their experiences at Imagine Studio?

I hope students will learn new mediums and forms of art making that can inspire them to continue pursuing visual art. 

Who is your favorite artist and why?

My favorite artist in Gustav Klimt because he created stunningly original works with intriguing uses of texture and pattern in relation with expressive figures.