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Join us at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock to experience the tradition of La Peña at monthly Noches de Trova nights of song, poetry, theatre and art. The mission of the Peña is to provide a place for artists to present and preserve their cultural forms and invent new ones. Experience the thrilling Spanish language songs of Nueva Cancion, Latin American folk, bossa nova, blues, flamenco, and cumbia. Featuring the three Trovadores, Esteban Leon, Jorge Negrete and Thomas Cadena with a rotating cast of guest stars such as Rafael Mendoza, Yahir Duran, Angela Roa, Tato Monraz, and more. The evenings also feature artworks from revered artists Isabel Martinez, Arturo Martinez, Luis Orozco, and Maestro Jesus Sosa Calvo. Traditional costumes from Oaxca will be featured as well as textiles from curator Miriam Hernandez. The world of Trova awaits.

The next Noches de Trova is Friday, May 13, 2016 at 9:00 p.m.

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Thank you to the Eastside Arts Initiative for the generous grant to support the expansion of Trova in our community.