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Cool Toy Fidget Cube information, turned and began to ask Lee thirteen. I, you give me, you these scum. Lee thirteen to see their jade pendulum struggling to get up. Behind the two police officers quickly hold down the shoulder of Lee Thirteen, but for Lee thirteen body handcuffs, leg irons and the special chair, behind two police simply could not live Li thirteen Moreover, Lee thirteen to the police Also did not dare to treat as small rogue as unscrupulous. You just say the origin of the pendant I put you. Li Zhou strong excitement of the heart. Well, another liar, you do not bother, and I have said that has been finished. Lee thirteen just entered the interrogation room when the police are in line with the trial. And later found that the interrogation of his police questioning a serious departure from the facts. Lee thirteen also know, they are officials with care. He is what charges, to cool toy fidget cube his handcuffs and leg irons Lee Lee see Lee refused to cooperate, cool toy fidget cube and my heart also understand that almost, turned to the interrogators asked. This is the mean.up with the time, the other Wang Xin did cool toy fidget cube not come up, and the past one Zhongwei, co defense Lee thirteen. Suddenly, Lee thirteen speed to use the ball and return to the middle, then the other side fidget cube kickstarter crap of the road is only a defender in the defense, Lee thirteen easily off him, in the vicinity of the formation of single pole trend, the other goalkeeper did not cool toy fidget cube rush attack, he knew Lee thirteen of the range far, if you choose to shoot, he has a certain reaction time, if rashly attack, from the ball player more into his control of the angle and scope of the smaller, Lee thirteen see the other goalkeeper did not attack, Know that he is more experienced. Lee thirteen slight adjustment, and finally chose the shot, the goalkeeper is also timely to determine the ball s trajectory, the ball to the strange, because it is the back of the goal, he felt the ball either corner, or hit But for the goalkeeper instinct, he chose to fight, as long as the corner is hanging, it is just in his fighting range, the goalkeeper fully unfolded the body, but.

g Ping. Teacher Zhou Zhang Qian, a nervous shouting female students secretly call each other flat. What Fang Ping feel is heard wrong. Fang teacher, this suit is for you, although we are engaged in sports, but on the theory of class, we hope to appear in front of us, the teacher is romantic suave. Zhang Qian quickly corrected the call. With you by the eighty dollars will cool toy fidget cube not you, and to buy a suit. Zhang Qian Xiao Hehe to Fangping explained. That thank you. Fang Ping some stiff. Fang Ping, when clean and tidy to the classroom, the students are warm applause. Fang teacher, handsome ah Fang is really romantic suave, jade tree What is the adjective ah Shen Yuluoyan, Shyue spent ah Nonsense, that is to describe the woman Fang Ping did not think his dress can cause such a big effect. Fang Ping, full of spirit on the back of the class back to the office. Wow, old side, today blind date ah I did not expect the old side so handsome ah Office of the teachers could not believe his eyes, in fact, Fang Ping is very youn.thirteen More aware of the reason why wise to do so, of course, weigh the pros and cons to see Tan Ping Shan s face to uphold the contract, his idea to bring new smart opportunities may also play a role. Thirteen, you know. Clever own pressure was not prepared to tell Li thirteen, he felt that if they do a little bit Tuen Tu reported meaning. As Li Thirteen expected, clever able to adhere to the contract, because the first mayor Liu did not intervene in the matter, the face of Ding and Tan Pingshan two equally close to the camp, he has sufficient reason to dismiss Ding original requirements, the most important The reason is that he and Lee thirteen have a contract in the former, but also Tan Ping Shan do witnesses, so that there is no way the original Ding, in order fidget cube quiet to only one million orders and clever trouble Fan is not good, not to mention behind There is a Tan Pingshan. I know from Tanko. Nothing, you do not have to thank me, you kid first good luck and you signed, if the first and the other contract, even if the mountain.Do insurance line hard Lee thirteen feel very sympathetic in front of the line of duty. Well, every line is not good to do, but as long as you are willing to pay, in every line can be successful. Ding Lan said very philosophy. Did not ask what your name is, little guy My name is Lee thirteen Very interesting name, you come to Nantong company to do ah I opened a computer company, the main project is to sell compatible computers and accessories, out today is to take a chance to win over large customers. Computer company, in fact, several of our company, whether your computer company, I belong to the insurance company or Nantong, are services, we sell the service, of course, your company and Nantong more like you are Entities to sell, the insurance company to sell strictly the contract, a commitment Ding Lan detailed and Lee thirteen said, as if everyone is an economy. Sister, what are you going to Nantong for ah Li XIII heard the words of Ding Lan, felt very taught, for a long time he was just a simple care of the company s.

Cool Toy Fidget Cube gshan himself, Li thirteen not cool toy fidget cube only did not have a sense of disgust, but had some impulse to make friends with him, perhaps fellow practitioner cool toy fidget cube Tan s leg because of it. fidget cube toys for adults Tan Big Brother, I am very pleased to know you thirteen. Lee thirteen thought, since I am Tan Pingshan and very compatible, called him soon as Big Brother is not an exaggeration, I do not join the triad, so Lee thirteen also recognized The big brother, but also more scheming with the surname, and Tan Ping Shan men call to show the difference. Well, brother, today I recognize a college student brother, or cool toy fidget cube my door. Today, a good celebration. Tan Pingshan looked very happy. Tan Big Brother, I now work in the King of Columbia, Wang brother is also a loyalty to me very well, you see Wangge thing Lee Thirteen and Tan Ping Shan talk about things Wang. Yes ah, Wang boss, sorry, your protection fee is not our initiative, is a friend of my proposal, and we do this line, hey, you know, I do not say, as proposed People, I can only tell you, your peers, I can not and detail.and asked the question even more strange. The sun gradually downhill, the setting sun of cool toy fidget cube the light will Li Dan s hair on a layer of Phnom Penh, never like today, looked carefully over their own childhood tail. Li Thirteen in the mind, Li Dan is the best he has ever seen the girl. Tomorrow you go so you come back on holiday, I say maybe late now that may not be any use I Really very baffling, to see the day of Li Dan seems to be aliens. I said you can not make fun of me Yep Every time I close to you, I feel very comfortable. I can not see you, as cool toy fidget cube if I lost something important. I not tell you, and Biede very uncomfortable, I do not know How the Li Dan s face than the sunset but also red. I think I like you, you like fidget cube verge me Li Dan s eyes sparkling. You will not look down on me, look down also does not matter, who I like you. Lee thirteen did not think Li Dan asked such a question. cool toy fidget cube I I do not know what you mean, I ve always liked fidget cube comparison you like a little sister. I am not your sister, I.

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