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Fidget Cube Fake a little faster, Zhao snow kept pressing the taxi driver. What are you anxious, people boyfriend not you anxious Zhao Xue kept in the driver s urging, feel a fidget cube etsy bit annoying, the emperor is not anxious eunuchs urgent, say I speeding, caught by the police, but rather delay the time You Zhao Xue angry to have nothing to say. Li Shi ping holding Sun Ping sitting in the back seat, Zhao Xue sitting in the front seat. Sun Ping heard the driver s words, see the driver misunderstood his relationship with the male students, was very shy. Will be the first partial, the consequences of this action is Sun Ping into the head buried in the arms of Lee thirteen, smelling the smell of man, Sun Ping feel more shy, so close your eyes and lay motionless In Li Thirteen arms. Pinger, you okay, Zhao Xue Sun Ping can not see the expression, very worried, You hug her so tightly what Zhao Xue Li denounced Lee thirteen. I I was afraid of the car bumps shocked her Lee thirteen stammering explanation. Zhao white white Lee 13, You have so well in.Xin concern asked. No, the two of us each sleeping in the room. Zhang Qian honest account. Oh, he and Sun Ping is not usually live together ah It seems they have not, they may meet at the weekend. This is Zhang Qian long term reconnaissance after the conclusion. Zhang Qian told a lot of women s knowledge, hear Zhang Qian are blushing, but Zhang Qian down like to listen to, Zhang Qian s mother died earlier, and no sister, no one told her about this knowledge. Zhang Qian is only through the books of women have a little knowledge of understanding. In the teacher, you are not experienced between men and women that kind of thing ah Zhang Qian suddenly ventured asked one. Dead girl, choreographer, no, the teacher knows from the book to see, or someone else fidget cube fake told me. Yu Xin vaguely feeling Zhang Qian asked this sentence is a purpose. P The next day Zhang Qian as the lower body discomfort early wake up, watching the man, yesterday, his most precious things to him, Zhang Qian has no trace of regret. Yu Xin s conversation reminded fidget cube fake her.

not even their favorite people can not protect, if a man with his beloved woman can not protect, men still Mody. I I Sun Ping has not completely recovered from the shock, did not think he would see in this place she always care about people. She burst fidget cube fake of surprise, but immediately thought of the position of both sides, Sun Ping s face immediately dim down. She is not the way to go this step, Sun Ping s family had been very general, the family s only economic pillar is her father a man, his father was in the car was recently broken a leg, the vehicle flee, in order to fidget cube for only $9.9 Sun Ping school home has borrowed a lot of debt, and his father s surgery costs make the family s economy even worse, the family almost no longer borrowed to the point of not a penny, as well as his brother, this year s third year, next year To the college entrance examination, the brother of the hungry results are very good, Sun Ping would like to drop out of school to work for his brother to study, one to his father and brother strongly disagree, and sec. //$a fidget cube fake = explode(\".\", $txt1); //按点号分行to Sun Ping, and I know in your heart, On Sun Ping, but I did not want to and her than ah, Sun Ping since and you are the same, and I know, to accept you, we must first accept Sun Ping. Really, thirteen, I really do not mind fidget cube fake Sun Ping, and even Liu Xiaoyi I would not mind, I just want to have my place in your heart, so I will meet. Zhang Qian pear rain to Lee thirteen tell. Listening to the expression of Zhang Qian emotional, Lee thirteen know do not explain to her, will only deepen Zhang Qian s misunderstanding. So Lee thirteen to one hundred and ten will be yesterday s events to Zhang Qian described again. Do not cry, this time you believe it, my little baby. Li Qian will be in the arms of Zhang Qian. Then you do not tell me, you are necrosis, see me out of the ocean. Zhang Qian hands hard thump Lee thirteen chest. I do not want you to worry about me Who knows you are not so confident, I like Sun Ping, I prefer you, ah, there is no Liu Xiaoyi anything. Li thirteen explained. I do not believe you and Liu Xiaoyi will be nothing.

Fidget Cube Fake agree Agree, Zhang Qian and Jiang Hong can also be. Lee thirteen also discouraged, Zhang Qian see Lu shot, and he can not lag behind, ah, so also joined the battle group. Jiang Honggang to speak, was Yu Xin stopped. Later, Lv Yue and Zhang Qian are drinking some more, some incoherent. Thirteen, you know what, for your thing, I I have cheek, and begged my father my father and principals are old classmates, and relations can iron from elementary school to high school I have been him I ve been in college for a while, and I ve been living with my dad, and I m really going to be independent I can but I m still begging him to do something. Three, you do not you know, when I heard that you want to be expelled when my heart how sad ah Lv Yue eyes some sluggish, Leng Leng looked at Lee thirteen. Ah so that that I thank you, Lee is also thirteen drink, stop giggle. Lu did not analyze the meaning of words. Yu Xin is fidget cube fake very clear, listening to Lv Yue finished, then suddenly understand the sch.g everyone, there began a lying will , fidget cube fake the same theme is Yu Xin, lying will be will never miss the point. Tonight 306 bedroom a few people Happy Valley the. Can be seen in the charm of the great. P The next day, new students are rushed to the school hall, in accordance with the location of their classes sit, schools, faculties and leaders of the order of speech, no wonder, touted the school s history and honor, as if admitted to the South Normal University is the honor of the students, and long winded education of new students to comply with the school s various systems, subject to the teacher s leadership. Fortunately, the object of their education is a new school students, new students and then have to listen quietly. One of the General Assembly is to give the new college entrance examination scholarship bonuses and certificates, Li thirteen also on behalf of all new students to speak on behalf of the new position during the school to comply with the rules and regulations of the school, subject to the teacher s leadership, e.

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