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Fidget Cube Insider no need to say ill in the back of the month. Do they really say that Yes. That is a play ah. Li 13 from Sun Ping conveyed the fidget cube insider words can be judged, Zhang Qian and Lu month is not completely excluded Sun Ping, but they are temporarily unable to accept it. Lee thirteen happy flutter in the Sun Ping naked kissing Sun Ping. There Sun Ping, then not finished, the mouth was blocked on the thirteen to Lee. Sun Ping see Lee thirteen high spirits, to Lee thirteen about the class interesting. One of my classmates is going to go to the bathroom, he will not speak in English, and he asks another classmate to go to the bathroom. The classmate told him is MayIgotothewashroom He told Lucy to leave, Lucy told him goahead. Leave the students did not go, I thought they were in and Lucy joking, because Lucy is very beautiful, ah, our class boys often and dew Lucy looked at him and said he said Yougoahead, and he sat still, and the boy next to him asked him if he wanted to go or joke with Lucy, and he said, Oh, I m going to go. He almost did.usly. You please sit down, the cause of the cause of the time in the teacher has said to understand this thing is not all responsibility in you, nothing on the sorry I am still students. Sun Ping gradually feel calm Down. Thank you also for fidget cube insider your help. My help Sun Ping some do not understand That is that is, in the teacher told me that there is no good in front of the school leaders, then I will be more serious punishment. Oh, this thing, ah, you do not have to hang in mind, I am just a factual response to the situation. Sun Ping some disapproval. Your teacher and classmates are very enthusiastic about your work, Ping, the day to do the work of female students what to call. Zhao Xue interrupted in the side said. As if called Lv Yue Yes, Lv Yue, I think you should be a good thank you, will not be your girlfriend. Zhao Xue asked. No No, Lv Yue is my classmate, explains Li Thirteen. In this way, Lee thirteen and two girls did not take a ride to say a conversation, to leave. In addition to the hospital entrance, Lee thi.

between. Zhang Qian Li 13 thieves in the arms of spoiled. What do not believe, ah, just now I did not start with you, let alone treat Liu Xiaoyi. Lee thirteen feel that their reasons are sufficient. That is not necessarily, the flowers do not have wild flowers. Zhang Qian said the words of the most classic. Lee thirteen was no temper, and feel that they have nothing to say. See you nervous, you do not do I fidget cube insider do not interfere with you, as long as you like me on the line. Zhang Qian Li Shuangshou his hands around the neck, his chest tightly leaning against Lee thirteen chest. P Zhang Qian and Li Thirteen have had close contact since, although there is no real ecstasy, but Zhang Qian in mind has been as Li Thirteen real woman, these days even the school s bedroom is not back, To live in the residence of Lee thirteen, seems to have become a full time wife Lee thirteen, in addition to not sleep with Lee thirteen, the bag under the Li Shi fidget cube ebay uk san all the logistics. For fidget cube insider the same bed, Zhang Qian can accept, but Li strongly disagreed, Lee t.a little faster, Zhao snow kept pressing the taxi driver. What are you anxious, people boyfriend not you anxious Zhao Xue kept in the driver s urging, feel a bit annoying, the emperor is not anxious eunuchs urgent, say I speeding, caught by the police, but rather delay the fidget cube insider time You Zhao Xue angry to have nothing to say. Li Shi ping holding Sun Ping sitting in the back seat, Zhao Xue sitting in the front seat. Sun Ping heard the driver s words, see the driver misunderstood his relationship with the male students, was very shy. Will be the first partial, the consequences of this action is Sun Ping into the head buried in the arms of Lee thirteen, smelling the smell fidget cube insider of man, Sun Ping feel more shy, fidget cube insider so close your eyes and lay motionless In Li Thirteen arms. Pinger, you okay, Zhao Xue Sun Ping can not see the expression, very worried, You hug her so tightly what Zhao Xue Li denounced Lee thirteen. I I was afraid of the car bumps shocked her Lee thirteen stammering explanation. Zhao white white Lee 13, You have so well in.of anyone and Yu Xin things. Lv Yue told me that the last time because of Sun Ping things, we have trouble, and the teacher is very concerned about your situation.Lu Yue said the teacher was the expression, fool can see what you are. You have been kept official fidget cube online store from us, I was very angry, this period of time with you through such a thing, I would like to open, I am also blind to worry about what is today, ah, ah, tomorrow and out of what Dan , I want to control but also to control ah. Zhang Qian Although Li 13 can not control, but the jealous is inevitable. They can not let go of the feelings, only with Lee thirteen to the interest. The teacher criticized me, and she meant to do not want to ignore me. Li 13 sad to say. You are a man, should be a little mind, although the teacher is the name of our teacher, age is also 3,4 years old we are big, not to mention the feelings of men and women, the man should take the initiative ah, let the woman you You think all the girls like me and Lv Yue so silly ah. Zhang Qian instigated Lee thirteen

Fidget Cube Insider $k = 0;m of wind and rain has not returned to normal, the heart was a trace of sweet. Pinger, I will have an fidget cube insider account of you Lee thirteen finally summoned the courage to say the truth. I am so happy ah Sun Ping some doubt that this is often a dream in her mind. Sun Ping pinch a bit hard yourself, clearly feel the pain. Although they also expect and Lee thirteen to have a perfect result, but she also knows that they have to face the reality of the feelings of Lee and thirteen can not be compared with Zhang Qian and Lu Yue, maybe Li thirteen just like their own flesh. In any case, Lee s words let her out of the shadow of their own psychology, know that Lee thirteen is not despised her. P Lee is sleeping soundly thirteen was awakened by the phone, picked up the phone a look, is Lv Yue bedroom telephone number. At this point Sun Ping has also been awakened by cell phone ring tones, lying on the side of Lee thirteen Lee looked at thirteen, due to close from the phone, Sun Ping also heard the phone about the content, And Zhang Qian.

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