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Fidget Cube Marketing , Sun Ping immediately helpless standing in situ. Lee thirteen curious to open the bedside cabinet. Yaya s Lee thirteen to see the whole box of condoms and a few discs printed strip girl s disc. Lee thirteen looked up and looked at Sun Ping, just like a treat people Pei Pei, slim standing there. I you to the next bedroom to rest, fidget cube china I rest in this bedroom Lee thirteen inner struggle for a long time before making such a decision. If the export and some regret. Well Sun Ping tone some disappointment. Two people in the two beds are tossing and turning difficult to sleep. Li thirteen just stumbled into sleep, was outside the deafening thunder awakened. Li Shi San just sat up, Sun Ping rushed in, all of a sudden flutter in the arms of Lee thirteen. Looking at his arms only wearing pajamas Sun Ping, Li 13, some confusion. I I m afraid thunder Sun Ping Qieqie looking at fidget cube marketing Lee thirteen, hoping not to cause his misunderstanding. It does not matter, then then you ll sleep next to me. Li thirteen some of the Song Department, as if the mob to make trouble, he died do not recognize, we are ready to think of other ways to do. Interrogators briefed Li Zhou to do. Li Zhou also read the transcript, and fidget cube marketing the truth of the matter he did not know, but he can guess almost the same. Li Zhou also asked about the transcripts, the truth of things he did not know, but he can guess almost. I tell you, before I come back, you do not do anything to Lee 13. If he had a little hair I find you afterwards. Li Zhou said angrily to the interrogators, Li Zhou certainly understand their mouth do not What is the approach. Lee Thirteen may be very important to his family. After warning colleagues, Li thirteen Chong Chong out of the interrogation room. Interrogation room of several police officers to see each other, do not believe what happened just now. Li Zhou to the front of the office area, found Song Liguo. Song Department, I think I came back to see Lee thirteen or now, I do not want any unexpected situation. Although Li Zhou Li Liguo speech to.

ry sympathetic to the experience. Ping sister, I had I m sorry you, you do not take offense. Lv Yue is a man of the words of his death is also good. Nothing, we are now good friends, and do not mention the things before, and I have an idea, but a little aggrieved Satsuki, said Sun Ping. Ping sister, you say, as long as you can achieve the purpose, what methods can be. Luna anxious to say. You all know how I was out of the body of it. Sun Ping thought of their own scenes of some incompetence. Oh, that is not in the Red Mody, so I have to red all ah. Lu months a bit confused. I understand, but this is really a little aggrieved Satsuki. Zhang Qian understand the meaning of Sun Ping. Parents bully me, you bully me. You know not fast said. Lv Yue began to spoil. Or let you Ping sister said. Zhang Qian comfort Lu month. At night we prepare some good food, buy some wine, the excuse is to celebrate the return of Lu on, in fact, the most important thing is to buy that kind of that kind of medicine. Sun Ping said some embarrassed la.g, we call him the old side, on the one hand, respect for his knowledge, more important is the side of the slovenly square to look old. Today, Fang Ping heard someone call him old party was particularly uncomfortable. Old party, brand name suits ah, how much money ah Eighty yuan What a joke, I see, eight hundred and eighty yuan, wrong, last week I gave my husband just bought this brand suit the same price. A female teacher carefully read the suit Rear. Eight hundred and eighty yuan Not. Fang Ping was very surprised. Fang Ping did not sleep well at night, tossing and turning in the bed guess Zhang Qian bought him the intention of the suit. The story of love between teachers and students he had heard, he decided to find Zhang Qian to talk about. How much is this suit Eight hundred and eighty yuan. Zhang Qian students, in the school should be a good learning, should not cranky, but should not fall in love I I love and did not delay learning ah. Zhang Qian Fang Ping said she and Lee thirteen love affair. But we are teachers an.ncept Bell is my tune, and big brother does not matter. Five Chen Ke said. Li 13 is impatient, after all, such a big thing happened, how to deal with the school, he did not mind at the end. Li Shi shan said I do not know what to do. Thank you for coming to see me, and your money will be returned to you. We can not Minato 10,000 yuan, the money is out of the teacher Yes, brought to the teacher, I think of it, give the teacher a phone call, ask her to talk about with the school, for the thirteen brother, lighter treatment. Do not bother the teacher, the last thing we let late in the teacher is very difficult. Lee thirteen said, in fact, his heart or for the Xin entrusted with high hopes. No, all the fidget cube best buy time, do not find the teacher until the result is too late to deal with. Liu Yong dialed in the home fidget cube marketing of the phone, Yu Xin is just back. Received a phone call, Yu Xin also criticized them, after all, a sudden incident, Moreover, the reasons for fidget cube marketing the occurrence of things, Lee thirteen is not intentional. But because the consequences are.

Fidget Cube Marketing rt to the police. First sent to the hospital, Xiao Liu, you look at them with two people, do not let them escape, catch up with the gang above the robbers tight, do not know if they are not. Wang captain issued the following words. Recently, the city of S frequent robbery cases, most of the object of committing crimes is the bag of women. In the S city caused a bad influence. Board asked the following to solve the case in time. The city arranged for police patrols, just as he led the patrol to the vicinity of commercial city, received a notice that the commercial city near the robbery case, so he quickly rushed over. Trouble with the two of us to the police station a trip to record the confession. Wang captain of the looting of the lady to see more noble temperament, and some familiar, tone is also more polite When you are the secretary, his wife was robbed in the street, you know, are almost dead. Deng Ying, do you take to the streets Robber caught Mody is not the news broadcast of the speed of the robbers I have two day.k and Lee thirteen said, may not be the occasion, looking at Lee thirteen hesitantly. Thirteen, for me to send Wang boss, you can not go, Zanco two have not talked about it. Tan Ping Shan see Wang Chase expression. Thirteen ah, thanks to you, thank you, my brother I will not say, tomorrow, the time to have a trip to the store, my brother something and you say, I do not give me a call. Wang Datong Said, You are lucky stars, there will be a big blessing in the future, ah, when the time can not forget the king brother ah. Wang brother, where you say it, is that I should thank you, you gave me the initial help. Lee thirteen fidget cube marketing sincere said. Thirteen, remember that you are still a student, do things to be measured, I can see, Tan Pingshan is a sense of obligation of people, such people do not offend him, you just fidget cube marketing hold your bottom line Wang Taitong also said his truth, he can see Tan Ping Shan is really treated Lee thirteen, but after all, Lee thirteen is in the reading of the book, he is not a big thing, Of the students, and Tan Ping.

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