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Fidget Cube Thinkgeek join in the fun. 306 students in the bedroom to find the beginning of the trick, because the school canteen meals are sold separately, six division of labor, two people to buy food, two people to buy food, two people to occupy seats. As the normal expansion of enrollment, the existing canteen seat some not enough, and sometimes buy food simply can not find the seat, the school also provides meals can not get the bedroom to eat, say, the canteen from each bedroom are far of. Boss, say something Li 13 in the way to the cafeteria with Qin said. Thirteen, what, say it Let s food group plus a person can it Lee thirteen some embarrassed. Plus who ah, Zhang Qian, ah, the brothers are also early to think of good, there is a big beauty accompanied, eat a day has become a thing people look forward to, but also provincial rice, Xiuse it. Qin Guan and Do not care, before the brothers and Lee had said 13 to Zhang Qian over occupation, or Li Qian and Zhang Qian alone also. Li thirteen also asked Zhang Qian, Zhang Qian because of the reason.vy. Zhou Zuoxue help from Lee thirteen. Next, Zhou Zuoxue and Li Xuejun talk about the past, Li Xunen, Deng Ying and Jin Cheng together talking about the officialdom of the topic. Li thirteen to take the opportunity to go to their parents, Lee thirteen parents asked Lee thirteen years of learning and living conditions. The mother saw Zhang Qian and Sun Ping behind Lee Thirteen, pulling Lee Thirteen aside. Thirteen, you behind the two girls are doing It s my college classmate. Classmates If you graduate from the time fidget cube alibaba you can discuss the daughter in law just fine. Daughter in law, Mom, that is to say his son to do what to do a good wife Lee thirteen test the idea of the mother. Li Dan that girl seems to you a little bit of meaning, you can consider to consider. Cough, in fact, the mother knows that since you are a college student, and you know, you can not think of it, In the marriage, you will be on their own to do it, you and your brother is not the same, the family does not and you blind together. Lee s mother thought he was.

of your clan, he has not said his comrades What is the name Deng Ying anxiously waiting for the answer was announced. My ancestors called Li Xiangyang, in the Korean battlefield in order to save his comrades lost a leg.Zuye comrades seem to call Zhou Zuoxue. Lee thirteen fidget cube sounds replied. Ah Deng Ying mother at the same time screamed out. Although the mother and two people have the heart to prepare, but confirmed, the mood is still very excited. Your ancestors have other names In addition to Lee thirteen clan name, the other episodes are on the. Ah, yes, in the army, the clan called Li Xuejun. Lee thirteen explained. Children, ah, we find you good bitter ah. Deng Ying once again tightly clinging fidget cube thinkgeek to Lee thirteen, tears wet Lee thirteen clothes. Thirteen, your ancestors are still in it Li Zhou asked in the next. In, it is in the village of Li, do you know my family Lee thirteen full of doubt. My son, my father in law is your brother s comrade Zhou Zuoxue ah. He is my son Li Zhou. Deng Ying to Lee thirteen made a presentation. Lee Li Dan what specific commitments. If, I say is if, if you really have a girlfriend thirteen, but not you, how do you ah Zhang Qian probing with Dan. I I, I told Aunt, he said thirteen brother bully me. Dan felt some grievances. Dandan, like a person to fight for their own, not with other people, only you like the people Hello, you can get real happiness. Sun Ping Li Dan. Sister, what are you called the name, ah, can tell me how to fight ah. Li Dan is grateful to the immediate two sisters. My name is Zhang Qian, her name is Sun Ping, as to how to fight for, we have no experience fidget cube how to make ah. Zhang Qian did not dare to say carefully, fear of being seen through Li Dan Lee thirteen pedestrians in Li Jiacun to live a night, the next day we fidget cube thinkgeek must back to the S City, Zhou Zuoxue and Li Xuejun has lots to talk about, Zhou Xue Xue Li Xuejun strongly urged them to go with the S City, Li Xuejun is also readily Of the agreed. To the S City, Li Xuejun Zhou Zuoxue live in the house, Lee thirteen often used to visit the two elderly, more t.ian is to know the students in front of the face to force Zhang Qian body pulled over, so that Zhang Qian looked at himself. You, you let go ah. Zhang Qian blushing blame Road. Qian Er, I know that is fidget cube thinkgeek my fault, I should not care about you, but I really do not want to give up any of you, I really like you. Li Qian looked at some swelling Zhang Qian Of fidget cube store the bags under the eyes. Then you can not tell me you and Sun Ping things ah, you lie to me I can not do, fidget cube thinkgeek I just want to be a silly boy, a silly girl you know you love me you tell me how she let me Think, thirteen, you know how sad my heart Zhang Qian pear rain crying. I I just want to confess to you, I do not want to deceive you. I thought you ignore me, even my phone does not take. Zhang Qian to get up, lying on Li 13 who burst into tears. No, I love your heart will never change, I have many shortcomings, Fa, stubborn, do not understand style, so even if you leave me, I will not blame you, I will always miss you of. Thirteen, I will not leave you, unless you do not want me.

Fidget Cube Thinkgeek ve money, Liu Yong plans to use this Money next semester to organize students to travel. Lv on the English good grades, but also class cadres, Liu Yongli with the evening time to find a month, to discuss a way. The next day the English test tense, from the end of the test there are more than 20 minutes, Lv on the pay volume, and then tell the invigilation teacher, finished the test classes have activities, need to send a notice on the board, the examiner agreed. Lueyue Li on the blackboard released her notice School is 1,5,7,9 28 35 finished the class test Cabo School number is 2,4,8,11 26 32 finished the test to sweep the class School number is 6,10,13,15 29 33 finished fidget cube thinkgeek the test to the entrance of the class set to wait for the assignment of new tasks The following students are anxiously waiting for the notice of Lv, because half an hour before the examination, Liu Yong and Lu Yue called the students to open a press conference to tell you the meaning of Lv on notice. The first line.sted Well, thank you, I can fidget cube thinkgeek not. Will not be so fast the Sun girl tube tightly. Tan Ping fidget cube thinkgeek Shan looked at the more beautiful Sun Ping. Li San and Sun Ping suddenly into embarrassment. Yes, thirteen, I bought a building near your school, to you ready to accept even if I sent, do not accept even if I lend you, and can not bargain. It seems Lee thirteen There is no choice, the house is settled. Tan brother, our new life is not to stay out. Lee half truth half truth. Fool me, I have long to say hello, your school is more stringent management of new students, but the weekend is allowed to stay out of this or not, every night and Sun girl degree of Spring Night.Told the body my responsibility can be big. Obviously Tan Ping Shan is well prepared. Hey lie was exposed, Lee thirteen had to laugh twice. Sun Ping Tan Ping Shan heard the words, feel very shy. This time you bubble fidget cube thinkgeek the other two girlfriends have a place, I did not expect my brother Daoxing so high, ah, girlfriends are two. Obviously Tan Ping Shan Li Thirteen is very unders.

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