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Center for the Arts Eagle Rock
Racial Equity Statement

Since its establishment in 1998, Center for the Arts Eagle Rock (CFAER) has been fiercely committed to the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, representation, and access. These tenets are a core part of our identity and mission “to be innovative in presenting multidisciplinary arts-inclusive programming to the diverse communities of Northeast Los Angeles and beyond.”

Historic cultural biases and systemic racism have negatively impacted communities of color, like those we serve, in so many ways. This includes decreased access to education, employment, social and community services, housing, and healthcare; mass incarceration and a disproportionately punitive criminal justice system; and much, much more.

As an arts organization, we are committed to addressing and correcting issues of inequity and injustice through racially-equitable policies and programs. Achieving inclusivity and racial equity is not an aspiration but an active responsibility. We partner with artists and organizations throughout the city to reach, serve, enrich, and heal community members who’ve been historically underserved in the arts, and negatively impacted by racism, through free and culturally responsive programming. This includes working with local public schools to bring arts programming into elementary and middle school classrooms to serve local youth of color, addressing the reality that Los Angeles schools with more students of color provide less arts instruction that is of lower quality than the county average.

Through all of our activities—from programming offered, to the artists showcased and employed—we reflect the range of diverse racial backgrounds and identities of our community members. We provide a cultural hub, artistic safe space, and level playing field where all community members and their intersectional identities can access the arts and exist, be seen, and shine. We provide access to a creative space where all voices are enthusiastically heard, with an emphasis on those who have been historically marginalized. CFAER celebrates human dignity and promotes just, equitable, and inclusive cultural practices that unite us and open us up to each other’s talents, gifts, and life stories.

Mayor Garcetti’s Executive Directive 27