Our mission in arts education is to inspire a passion for artistic expression in each student we reach by expanding their concept of what can be considered art.  Our teachers combine art history, play-based learning, and their own studio practices to create classes that give students a place to explore artistic boundaries and establish community.

The education program at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, is expanding significantly this year.

Art Camps

Our arts camps happen annually.  The day camp is on-site at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, 9-5pm.  Our teachers inspire the students by having thematic days.  This winter we had geology day, collaboration day, nature vs. the city day, and circus day.  We culminate all we’ve discovered over the week into an art performance created by the students and facilitated by the teachers.  During the week we explore: visual art, ceramics, gardening, craft, yoga, dance, cooking, sculpture, sewing, textiles, and we also make a lot of new friends!  We have 30 students each week, 2 teachers and 2-3 teaching assistants.


Our workshops provide unique educational opportunities in specific métiers, taught by local artists. Usually, workshops meet once a week during each ten week session, and most are free or low-cost. In our programs, we use new approaches with existing mediums to create original work.

After School Programs
By bringing the arts back into LAUSD, we are investing in our youth.  We currently serve 11 elementary and middle schools in Northeast Los Angeles through our after school enrichment program, Imagine Studio.  All of our teachers build their classes into a small community, where freedom of expression feels safe and positive. Taught by local working artists, all of our classes are highly student-motivated and project-oriented.

Educational Partnerships

By partnering with other exceptional organizations in our arts community, we can provide even more diverse educational programming.