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Subjeto/Objeto (Object/Subject)


presented by Center for the Arts Eagle Rock and the The Tijuana Municipal Institute for Arts and Culture (IMAC),
as part of the Shades & Sounds of Art Heading North, Binational Festival.

A binational exhibition featuring contemporary artists:

Josué Castro

China Lamadein Factory

César Vázquez

Miguel Ángel Iñiguez

Jonathan Ruiz de la Peña

Lula Lewis

Javier Hernández

Colectivo UABC

Bryan A. Chilian

Jeniffer Sastre

Lisbeth Chávez

Christian Vargas

Alejandro Moyrón

Lorenzo Gómez

Paolo Torres

Rocío Alejandra

Colectivo Des Mädchen

Alicia Rubio

Yeira Ramos

Diana Fuentes

Colectivo TaGa

Arloiz Pei

DJing the opening: Sonidero Travesura

Exhibit on view daily, Monday – Friday, 11am – 5pm, September 20 – October 11.