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Summer Champ



Ace Carretero
Omar Ogues
Mario Sanchez
Mick Weldon
Five friends wanted to do what they do every summer: ride bicycles, explore, and make memories. Tired of saying “maybe next time,” they set off on a month-long expedition with all of their essentials attached to the bikes. Ace Carretero, Omar Ogues, Mario Sanchez, Dallas Torrez, and Mick Weldon followed the Pacific Coast from Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA at a casual pace. 1,300 miles of climbing mountains, swimming in rivers, talking to strangers, keeping journals, camping in forests, and getting lost; this is Summer Champ.

Join us for the opening reception Sunday, October 20, 6 – 9 pm

Music, Hors D’oeuvres, Drinks, Art Installations

Group Ride to the Exhibition, More Information Coming Soon!

Exhibition on view daily, Monday – Friday, 11am – 5pm, October 20 – November 1.

Summer Champ Documentary (Installed in Gallery)