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Amazon Solitaire Workshops



Join us for FREE! workshops and performances on March 16 & March 23.





Basic Quilting Techniques

Taught by Jen Bruce

In this workshop we will cover both basic blocking and appliqué techniques, working with some specialized tools and everyday notions that help our quilting projects along. We will also discuss quilting as a sustainable practice that also provides creative communal opportunities.

Each participant can plan and execute their own quilting block. Those that wish, can combine their blocks into a larger, final quilt. We will assemble the quilt on a quilting frame during a festive quilting bee on March 23rd. The group can discuss a potential theme and the possibility of donating the final quilt to CFAER for fundraising purposes.

Some materials and sewing machines will be provided, but participants are invited to bring materials and ideas as well. Please consider repurposed and recycled fabric.






1 – 4 pm

Quilted Vessel

Taught by Robin Cox

                    5 Day Quilt Challenge #8Leilani's 5-Day Quilt Challenge #25 Day Quilt Challenge #4

This project is inspired by artist, Kay Khan. This is her Statement:

“My work is a mosaic of fragments, collected experiences, information, and images. This mosaic is both ideological and visual. I begin with an idea that I allow to develop unhindered to encompass anything from the serious to the absurd. No thought is isolated and the simplest can build upon itself. Layers of connected thoughts revealed in a succession of images link and multiply in evolving variations. I sometimes begin with just a word, and this word comes with many meanings and connotations. Then I make a connection, a thin bridge, between each word and its images, and other abstract and veiled yet related ideas. My artworks are often labyrinths of intricate wordplay. I want the words to be read as fleeting and visual impressions that interact with the other stitched images.”


1 – 2pm

Humming Workshop

Led by Sarah Peterson


Humming: that thing you do when you can’t remember the words to a song, or when blocking out your friend spoiling the season finale (with fingers in ears), or when agreeing (or disagreeing) vehemently. Humming serves so many functions in our daily lives we may hardly notice we’re doing it. But a little sustained humming can do so much for us – deepening our sense of physical grounding, relaxation and awareness, expanding our connection to our neighbors, and increasing our awareness of our surroundings. We’ll experiment with how humming affects one’s interior experience (body and mind) as well as the dynamic range of resonance that occurs through group humming, both socially and spatially, within the beautiful, constructed space of CFAER’s main hall. Topics discussed and explored will include vibrational energy and sympathetic vibration, harmony and dissonance, audition, acoustics, and resonance. We’ll move from more individually-focused humming exercises into the dynamics of humming as a group, culminating in a physical exploration of CFAER as we hum within its spaces. Together, we’ll amplify our effects on ourselves, each other and our surroundings through variations on this simple, familiar, musical act.
No “experience” required. Wear comfortable clothes.
Note: those who consider themselves tone-deaf are welcome!!



Spoon and Cake Serving

Miggie Wong


Spoon and Cake Serving is a happy and yummy time-based performance. Instructions and essentials will be provided for cake-eater as the cake will be served above head. All cake-eater are welcomed to spoon however/whichever the piece of cake they want.


2 – 4 pm

Wikipedia Editing

Led by Simone Montemurno


   This workshop is a basic introduction on how to sign up, navigate, add to and edit within Wikipedia. This is something everyone has the capability to do though, in my case, I found initiating myself into the “editing realm” quite daunting and I would like to lead the way with my clumsy efforts as a useful example.
   I would suggest you check to see if the artists you find inspiring are adequately represented on the online-egalitarion-encylopeida that is Wikipedia… if they aren’t we can fix that!  Ideally, you’ll be able to get an entry that does not exist up, or add something valuable to an entry you find incomplete or lacking.
To participate in this workshop, please bring your laptop.