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Grand Performances: Voices Making Waves

CFAER is proud to host Grand Performances for “Voices Making Waves: Native American Women from the Eastern U.S.”

FREE EVENT  •  Thursday, September 5  •  8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Reservations and carpooling/rideshare are strongly suggested!
to make a reservation.

Grand Performances amplifies the voices of east coast artists Layla Locklear (Tuscarora/Oglala Sioux), Charly Lowry (Lumbee/Tuscarora), and Bear Fox (Akwesasne/Mohawk Nation) for a first-time collaboration in Los Angeles!

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Locklear is an accomplished musician, Native American rights activist, and advocate for Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Lowry makes passionate music that intersects with her activism in standing up for Lumbee and Native American rights. Both Locklear and Lowry are members of Ulali Project – one of the most important and enduring Native American women’s ensembles. The group is known for blending voice and hand percussion to create a groundbreaking contemporary sound which was warmly received by GP audiences in 2018. Bear Fox is a solo artist and member of the Akwesasne Women Singers, an ensemble of native voices driven to protect and preserve the Kanien’keha (Mohawk Language) traditional customs.

Impactful learning will come from acknowledging and investigating the impact of immigration, migration, and movement as significant contributors to the artistic expression in Los Angeles and Native American communities today. While recognizing that most immigration, migration, displacement and certainly forced relocation, stems from monumental political, geographic or economic upheaval; this project attempts to pivot the conversation to focus on the creative and cultural contributions these events have forged in present-day Los Angeles.