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Balikbayan Box: A Care Package Workshop

Please join us for this free workshop we are hosting at the Eagle Rock Plaza, with artist, Sara Chao! Save the date for Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 1:00PM-4:00PM.

Eagle Rock Plaza
2700 Colorado Blvd
Eagle Rock, CA 90041



Workshop Description:
In this workshop, learn about the ultimate Filipinx care package, the Balikbayan Box, with artist Sara Chao.
In Tagalog, the word “balikbayan” means repatriate, a Filipinx returning back to the Philippines from abroad. Filipinx living abroad will send these care packages home between visits, filled with food, clothes and toys. During the workshop, you will get to make a special care package for a loved one using collage and fabric materials, letter-writing supplies, and more.

This workshop is meant for all ages and cultural backgrounds. Participants who are not familiar with Balikbayan boxes will learn about the way the Filipinx diaspora connects with their home country, and some of the reasons why they are dispersed. Participants who are Filipinx and know Balikbayan boxes will get to see an everyday aspect of their family culture be validated in the workshop, as well as a chance to look at Balikbayan boxes in a new way, as they are reframed via this art context.

Workshop Overview:
The activity portion of this workshop will give participants free time to play with a familiar medium, sending a package, within both a Filipinx and art context. In using their imaginations to create a tailored care package, participants will produce a thoughtful present that is mimicking this traditional Filipinx way of expressing love. Additionally, the workshop will provide a space and time for participants to enjoy working with the art materials.

Instructor Bio:
Sara Chao (b.1990, Los Angeles, California) is a third-generation Filipinx-Chinese American. Her art practice is based in installation, extending to collage and sensory performances. Fueled by a lifelong habit of collecting paper ephemera, her work acts to memorize the look and taste of everyday life, in anticipation of future nostalgia. In using eminently recognizable materials, she invites viewers to make their own connections to their daily experiences, bringing the texture of the present into focus before it passes from view.