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Code of Conduct

Eagle Rock Music Festival Code of Conduct


The Eagle Rock Music Festival is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and memorable experience for the community.


  • We care about our neighborhood. Please don’t litter or park in our neighbors’ driveways.
  • Our Festival is for all ages. Please watch your language!
  • Please drink responsibly at one of the local venues on the Festival route. Alcohol in open containers is not allowed in the streets.
  • Possession and use of marijuana in the festival premises is prohibited (even if you have a medical marijuana card).
  • Weapons, illegal drugs, and other materials deemed hazardous or dangerous by Festival personnel are prohibited.
  • Items intended for sale or trade may not be brought into the Festival without our vendor/sponsor permits.
  • All persons entering the Festival are subject to reasonable search to protect the safety of the public.


Festival staff reserves the right to have removed and exclude from the festival any person engaging in any unruly, disruptive, or illegal behavior.