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  • Draw Buyepongo

    Join us for a live drawing workshop set to a world beat with modern tropical dance greats, Buyepongo. The class will be led by popular artist and teacher Thom Dower, who believes the greatest way to learn to draw the human form is through sketching it in movement.
  • Meet Our Summer Camp Teachers!

    Our Summer Arts Camp is an incredible experience! Come meet the working artists who, each week, guide young campers through the world of visual art, performance, sculpture, architecture, textiles, and writing.
  • Black & White Mike

    This upcoming exhibition celebrates Los Angeles based artist Mike Kelly and contains unseen pieces from his 1985 show, Black & White. It promises to be an insightful, poignant homage to his unique brilliance.
  • Imagine Studio

    Since 1997, Center for the Arts Eagle Rock has been offering innovative arts programming to a diverse audience of children and young adults in schools and community groups throughout Northeast Los Angeles.